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Loom #6 – Your true color

01 Jan 2013 / 0 Comments / in

Contemporary Portrait Photography

Loom Issue 6 covers portrait photography but also the many questions which orbit this scene. Who is the person looking out of a picture? When we look at photographs of people, we usually assume that a portrait is more or less an accurate representation of what was in front of the lens. Inspired by the phrase Your true color, the contributors of this issue tried to examine and expand the ways in which we judge one another by looking at his face. In this issue we question what the viewer commonly perceives as portraiture, and showcase contemporary portrait photography which is made to provoke, to inspire, and ask for the limits and possibilities of portraits.


Alexander Markus Lembke

Art Direction

Franziska Walther, franzandfriends

PR and editing expert

Philipp Dennert



Your true color, at Neues Museum Weimar, in 2010

See Issue at Issuu

Your true color, at Issuu

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