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Loom #7 – The Catwalk Instinct

03 Jan 2013 / in

Contemporary Fashion Photography

The seventh issue of Loom tackles a broad variety of approaches on the topic of fashion – on and off the catwalk: the questions of fashion design and production, aesthetic presentation and critical reception, cultural meaning and social conventions. Founder and editor-in-chief Alexander Lembke directed and conceived Loom drawing from student work that resulted from his photography classes. On more than 100 pages, photo series, essays and interviews.

Loom issue 7 can be accessed for iPad as well as in digital and print via The loom iPad app, a facebook campaign, an exhibition, an attendance at an art fair and a concept store complete the multi-channel image experience.


Alexander Markus Lembke

Art Direction

Franziska Walther, franzandfriends

PR and editing expert

Philipp Dennert



Your true color, at Hotel Miranda, Weimar, in 2012

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